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CBD Oral Spray
Morning, Noon & Night
2800mg CBD
<140mg THC
Morning, Noon & Night Sublingual CBD Spray is a high potency CBD oil that is both affordable and convenient. Each 30mL sprayer contains 2800mg of CBD (100mg/g) in an non-allergenic organic coconut-derived MCT oil housed in a convenient pocket-sized spray bottle which delivers 10mg of CBD per spray.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use CBD spray?
CBD is thought to have many benefits and may help ease symptoms of pain, inflammation and anxiety (among so much more!). If you plan to use products containing CBD , talk to your doctor before proceeding. 👍😊
How much CBD spray should I use?
Each 1oz sprayer contains 2800mg of CBD (100mg/g). Trying to achieve a dose of 60mg per day? Simply take 2 sprays, each morning, noon & night, to achieve a daily dose of 60mg of CBD. This will give you 45 days worth of product, per bottle. You can increase your dosage as you see fit.☺️💕
What kind of extract is the CBD spray made with?
Morning, Noon, & Night CBD Spray is distillate infused, coconut derived MCT oil with terpenes removed during ethanol extraction process.🤗❤️
Why should I use a spray to consume CBD?
Some CBD products are formulated and delivered through sugary edibles. We believe an oral spray is a healthier alternative and also allows for quicker absorption compared to some other methods, like capsules or edibles. 🧘‍♀️👌
2800mg of CBD
Convenient pocket-sized spray bottle
Non-allergenic organic coconut-derived MCT oil
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Amazing :)

4 months ago

I have been suffering with hand pain for a few years. Trigger fingers on both hands and a diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I have had numerous chiropractor visits, wrists braces at night, compression gloves, hot and cold packs, too many creams/ointments to list, all without success. I have been using Rebound for just over 2 weeks, 2 sprays in the morning and 2 sprays in the evening. I was scared of it making me high, so I eliminated the noon spray. I have been able to make a fist with both hands, something I have not been able to do for a couple of years. And opening and closing my hands without trigger fingers locking. I know it sounds too good to be true, I felt the same way when I tried. But I am glad I did. Thank you Stewart Farms, you have made a believer out of me 🙂

Avatar for Tammy

Highly recommended

5 months ago

Where do I start?! If you have mental or physical pains (and don’t we all), you will want to try this fast-acting, potent CBD spray! Great for the body and everyday stress, anxiety, and need for unwinding. Highly recommended, but without the high.

Avatar for Kelsey Cannabis
Kelsey Cannabis