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Craft Cannabis
Britney’s Frozen Lemons
Sativa Leaning Hybrid
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Strain Highlights
Energetic • Uplifting • Creativity
Desert • Fruity - Citrus • Gasoline undertone
Growth & Care
Non-irradiated • Living soil grown • Pesticide free • Hung dried • Hand trimmed
Terpinolene 0.84% - 0.92%
Caryophyllene 0.20% - 0.36%
Farnesene 0.19% - 0.27%

Britney’s Frozen Lemons, bred by Capulator, is a sativa leaning cross between Fruity Pebble OG (Britney Spears Pheno) and Frozen Lemons. This strain produces an incredibly pungent fruity aroma bursting from huge, frosty buds.

The strains’ reputed ability to energize and uplift is due in part to high levels of terpinolene—a terpene known for its stimulating and energizing effects. If you are looking to be inspired, this flower produces a mildly euphoric, uplifting sense of creativity and energy. Here is the inspiration you have been looking for!

This flower not only smells and tastes delicious, but it will also have you conquering your to-do list with a smile on your face!

Our craft cannabis offered in the Canadian market is never irradiated, preserving terepenes, cannabinoids and maintaining the plant's natural characteristics.
Living soil grown
Always grown in living soil, the Stewart Farms team prides ourselves for growing the healthy possible cannabis for your enjoyment.
Hand trimmed
Precise removal of excess material, preserving trichomes and terpenes, enhancing flavor, potency, and your overall smoking experience.
This strain will have you conquering your to-do list with a smile on your face!
This strain will have you conquering your to-do list with a smile on your face!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the parent strains of Britney's Frozen Lemons?

Britney’s Frozen Lemons is a cross between Fruity Pebble OG (Britney Spears Pheno) and Frozen Lemons 👩🥶🍋

Is Britney's Frozen Lemons a sativa, indica or hybrid?

Britney’s Frozen Lemons is a high thc, sativa-leaning hybrid. BFL is energizing and uplifting and great for day time activities 😍🍃

What does "living-soil grown" actually mean?

Living soil aims to create a soil ecosystem rich in beneficial microorganisms, fungi, and other organisms. Living soil mimics the natural soil environment where cannabis plants have evolved to thrive. This approach is seen as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly method of cannabis cultivation compared to conventional methods that rely heavily on synthetic inputs. 🌱🌎

What does "non-irradiated" mean?

In the context of cannabis cultivation and processing, irradiation is sometimes used as a method to sterilize the product and meet certain regulatory requirements for microbial contamination. However, some consumers and advocates in the cannabis industry prefer non-irradiated products for reasons such as terepene preservation, cannabinoid preservation and the general belief that non-irradiated cannabis better maintains the plant’s natural characteristics 😍🙌

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Britts frozen lemons

3 months ago

This is the best weed I’ve ever smoked absolutely love it gives me the perfect high and levels me to the right place not over whelming and leaves me feeling energized and I can feel relaxed and gives me energy to still get things done. I’d buy this everyday and have most days.

Avatar for Decadon Calhoun
Decadon Calhoun