Bath Bomb
Chocolate Hashberry
50mg CBD
50mg THC
Drawing inspiration from the confidence-boosting cultivar, Chocolate Hashberry, this sensual bath bomb has a soft floral scent and is topped with organic rose petals. Immerse, emerge and fall in love with every inch of yourself.
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Sweet Orange
Sweet Orange is loaded with Limonene and is revered for its cheerful aroma and uplifting properties.

Palmarosa is high in terpene geraniol and has a soft floral scent with uplifting effects.

Chamomile is one of the most ancient herbs known to mankind and has been used for centuries due to its calming and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Fully biodegradable, child resistant packaging
Free of synthetic fragrance
Formulated with pure essential oils
Loaded in moisturizing plant butters
Handcrafted with love by incredible humans
Help With Your
Frequently Asked Questions
When should I drop my bath bomb in the bath?

Run a nice warm bath until the tub is full, get into the bath and drop the entire bath bomb in the tub. Enjoy! 🛀🍫

How long should I stay in the tub for?

We recommend a one-hour bath for best results, but no less than 45 minutes. Sit back and relax, this is your one hour of “me-time”! 🫧😊

Will the cannabis infused bath bombs get me high or intoxicated?

No! Although you may feel very relaxed. Although there is THC in some of our bath bomb formulas, the THC doesn’t actually make it through the skin or into the bloodstream, so there are no psychoactive effects. 😘👍

Do I need to shower after my bath?

No! We recommend you do not shower after your bath. Your skin will be moisturized and feel slick after the bath. This is from the moisturizing butter and oils which by design aid in skin health. Your skin will absorb the botanicals naturally. Be careful as you exit the tub, it may be slippery as well! 🧘‍♀️🛁

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1 month ago

I love the scent and elevated experience of the Chocolate Hashberry bath bomb! I wholeheartedly love all of the bath bombs and salts in your collection! Keep them coming!

Avatar for Zoe


3 months ago

I’m 5 months PPD and after a long day these have been a godsend. My back was already damaged from years of working in landscaping and then after having

my daughter it seemed to exacerbate my issues with it. I got a three pack at my local retailer and all three did an amazing job. I also suffer from eczema and after getting out of the bath my skin felt so soft a moisturized! Will be buying these again! Highly recommend.

Avatar for Natalie

Blessings in the Morning

5 months ago

The best part of this bath bomb.

Is the skin softening effect ! Magically

Helps my morning routine “soften”the

Edges of pain Mentally & Physically 🐾

Avatar for Denise