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CBD Salt Soak
Seaweed OG
250mg CBD
<12.5mg THC
1000mg CBD
<50mg THC
Let the waves of the Atlantic Ocean wash away your worries with our East Coast inspired foaming salt soak! Our invigorating and moisturizing formula is designed to help clarify your mind and body. Featuring a restorative blend of botanicals and cultivated seaweed from the renowned Bay of Fundy.
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Eucalyptus is high in Eucalyptol which may help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and ease muscle tension. It has been found relieving in the treatment of respiratory conditions.

Dead Sea Salts
Dead Sea Mineral Salts are rich in magnesium and promote circulation. Soaking in these salts can relieve joint pain and muscle stiffness.

Snow Mushroom
Snow Mushroom Extract is rich in Vitamin-D and has skin-hydrating and anti-aging qualities. The extract has been shown to easily penetrate the skin’s layers, forming a protective film of moisture that restores the look and feel of skin.

Cultivated seaweed from the renowned Bay of Fundy.
Engineered with natural absorption enhancers
Produces a luxurious and moisturizing foam
Free of synthetic fragrance
Formulative with restorative essential oils
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much of the salt soak package should I use per bath?
If using a small bag, put the entire 125gram (half cup) bag in the tub. If using a bigger bag (500g), use about half a cup (125grams). There is no harm in using more! 🫧😍
When should I add my salt soaks to the bath?
Pour salt soak in the bath when running the water, so the salts are mixed in the water. 🛀💚
How long should I stay in the tub for?
We recommend a one-hour bath for best results, but no less than 45minutes. 🛁🤗
Will the salt soaks get me high or intoxicated?
No! Although you may feel very relaxed due to the botanical formulation. 🍃🫠
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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Smells amazing and makes me feel like jelly

2 months ago

I use this every week along with the blue dream bath bomb. My skin feels amazing, the smell is amazing and I like that I can put a little in or the whole bag.

Avatar for Michelle

A non-psychoactive dream!

5 months ago

Did you know that even if containing THC, cannabis-infused bath products do not cause a psychoactive experience? Infused bath products, such as my absolute favourite here with Stewart Farms’ SeaWeed OG CBD Salt Soak, are absolutely wonderful for easing symptoms related to arthritis, muscle pain and other physical ailments, soothing tired bodies, relieving stress, and reducing inflammation. And I hope you can treat yourself to this unforgettable experience soon!

Avatar for Kelsey Cannabis
Kelsey Cannabis