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The Origin Story of Daily Grape

November 21, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the legal cannabis industry, tales of excellence often emerge from dedicated individuals with a passion for their craft. Genevieve Newton, the Head Grower & Director of Cultivation at Stewart Farms in New Brunswick, Canada, embodies this spirit. Her remarkable journey in the cannabis world and the creation of the extraordinary strain, Daily Grape, is a testament to her commitment and expertise.

Before we dig into the story of Daily Grape, let’s first learn more about the lady behind this award winning cultivar, @missnewtygrows.

About the Grower

Genevieve Newton’s story is one of transformation and dedication. Originally from Saskatchewan, she completed her social work studies at the University of Alberta and worked for over a decade in the field.

After realizing social work may not be her passion, Genevieve decided to jump right into the newly forming legal cannabis industry. Her journey from social work to cannabis cultivation is nothing short of remarkable and is a result of her commitment to building a new and meaningful career. This bold leap would eventually lead her to becoming an integral part of Stewart Farms.

Genevieve’s passion and expertise in cannabis cultivation has earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious “Producer of the Year” award for Stewart Farms at the 2023 Grow Up Awards & Gala. Notable honors also include her 2nd place finish for Best in Grow (Sativa) at the Cannabis NB Cup and a 3rd place finish for her cultivar, Daily Grape, at Canada’s first-ever legal Cannabis Cup in 2022. In 2021, she emerged as a winner at Hempfest Canada, showcasing her skills by growing the highest CBD flower, highest THC flower, and earning the 1st place title for Top Female Grower.

Having grown over 300 different cannabis cultivars, Genevieve’s experience is not only valuable to Stewart Farms but to the cannabis industry as a whole. She actively engages in education, advocacy, and mentoring, aiming to challenge the outdated stigmas surrounding cannabis and promoting its responsible use.

The Genesis of Daily Grape

The story of Daily Grape begins with Genevieve’s first week on the East Coast. She faced the difficult task of selecting 15 strains to pheno-hunt, a process that involves identifying and selecting specific plants with desired characteristics. To craft the unique grape flavor she envisioned, Genevieve researched several grape genetics and ultimately chose Daily Grape as one of the strains to explore.

In August 2021, Genevieve planted 300 seeds from the selected 15 strains, and a remarkable 98% of them made it. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey. After hours upon hours of nurturing and care, 150 cultivars reached the flowering stage during that initial run. Among them, Daily Grape consistently stood out in every aspect: visual appeal, aroma, yield, ease of cultivation, and stress resistance. This one had some serious potential.

From the early stages of vegetation, it became clear that Daily Grape was a winner. Out of 22 female cultivars, five emerged as exceptionally promising, but it was Daily Grape #6 that stole the show. The decision to choose #6 was rooted in its exceptional aroma and flavor profile, primarily attributed to the limonene terpene, which was rarer than other terpenes found in the grape strains. This specific phenotype embodied the essence of a true grape aroma profile, something that had eluded Genevieve in her previous experiences with grape strains.

Daily Grape #6: Stewart Farms Flagship Cultivar

Grape strains are known for their finicky nature, often becoming challenging to grow at scale. The elusive grape smell is actually an ester, not a terpene, which further complicates its identification. Finding this unique aroma profile in Daily Grape was akin to a perfect storm, combining excellent genetics, a nurturing environment, a knowledgeable cultivation team, and of course a touch of magic

Stewart Farms Daily Grape is a Sativa-leaning hybrid that embodies the best of both worlds. It’s a strain that has become a flagship product for Stewart Farms, something they are very proud of. Grown in living soil, hand-trimmed, non-irradiated, and pesticide-free, Daily Grape sets a high standard for quality and sustainability.

With THC levels typically ranging from 25% to 32%, Daily Grape is known for its potency. It boasts a unique profile, with beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool as its major terpenes, contributing to its distinct aroma and flavor.

Visually, Daily Grape’s buds are a sight to behold, shimmering with a deep purple tint. The aroma is an enticing combination of fruitiness, sweetness, and a delightful grape essence. Its flavor profile offers a symphony of fruity, grape, and citrus notes. The effects of Daily Grape are equally impressive, delivering an energetic, creative, and potent high that has garnered a dedicated following among cannabis enthusiasts.

Daily Grape: Where to Find It

The success of Daily Grape extends beyond its creation. Today, it’s available to cannabis enthusiasts in various formats. Recreationally, Daily Grape is available in Ontario, it’s offered in 7-gram packages of dried flower through, the province’s official online cannabis store, as well as in private retail stores across the province. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick cannabis stores also proudly carry Daily Grape in various formats, including pre-rolls and dried flower. A number of medical platforms also carry this strain, which shows its versatility and acceptance among the entire cannabis community.

Beyond Canadian borders, Daily Grape has made its mark in the international market, specifically in Australia, where it’s been exported as medical cannabis. This global recognition is a testament to Genevieve’s expertise and the exceptional quality of her creation.

A Product of Passion and Expertise

Daily Grape, the exceptional strain that emerged from Genevieve’s passion and expertise, showcases the potential of the cannabis industry to produce remarkable, innovative strains that cater to a diverse range of enthusiasts. As the legal cannabis landscape continues to evolve, it’s individuals like Genevieve who will shape the future of the industry, one strain at a time.