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Stewart Farms

2023 Year in Review

December 15, 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, Stewart Farms reflects on a year filled with growth, achievements, and a commitment to providing safe, made-in-Canada cannabinoid-based products. Let’s take a journey through the milestones that defined this remarkable year.

April 20: Opening of Stewart’s Herbal Dispensary

We couldn’t have thought of a better day to open Southern New Brunswick’s first farmgate cannabis retail location. On April 20 (4/20!) Stewart Farms achieved a significant milestone with the opening of Stewart’s Herbal Dispensary.

The event drew a lively crowd, including local MLA Kathy Bockus, who cut the ribbon at 4:20pm sharp. The new dispensary, part of Cannabis NB’s farmgate initiative, aims to spotlight locally produced wellness products, and educate patrons about regional cannabis offerings.

One of the standout moments of the event was the live performance by the Boundary Street Blues Band. Once the ribbon was cut, the band filled the air with 420-friendly tunes, creating the perfect atmosphere for a cannabis celebration. As the band started playing, hundreds of people flocked into the new store. As visitors explored the dispensary and its offerings, the music added an extra layer of vibrancy to the occasion.

It was the perfect way to introduce the community to Stewart’s Herbal Dispensary.

May 9: First International Shipment of Medical Cannabis

On May 9th, our team at the farm waved goodbye to a truck load of Daily Grape…destination AUSTRALIA! Shipping cannabis internationally is no easy feat. Specialty audits and permits are required along with a healthy dose of paper work. It was a true team effort to get this out the door and into the hands of grateful Australian medical patients.

Our initial international shipment sold out almost immediately, indicating a strong preference among Australians for quality craft-grown cannabis. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from medical patients who got their hands on Daily Grape, and Reddit’s Australian Medical Cannabis communities were abuzz with praise for this premium Canadian bud.

Looking ahead, international markets hold promising opportunities for Stewart Farms. However, rest assured, Canada, we will always set aside a portion for the home team.

May 29: Morning, Noon + Night CBD Oral Spray Product Launch

The good times kept on rolling in May as Stewart Farms launched their first ingestible product, a potent CBD Oral spray that gives customers the best value for their dollar.

First launching in Ontario, Morning, Noon + Night CBD Oral Spray contains 2800mg of CBD per bottle. At 10mg per spray, that’s 280 sprays! 2 sprays in the morning, at noon and at night time means you’ll be getting 60mg CBD per day for 45 days. Bump it up to 3 sprays and this will last 31 days. The perfect blend of price and format.

Throughout 2023, customers have raved about the simple, non harmful formulation; convenience of the spray bottle; and ability to achieve a precise CBD dosage.

June 23: Daily Grape wins runner up for “Best in Grow—Sativa” at the Cannabis NB Cup

Stewart Farms Daily Grape took home 2nd place in the sativa category in the 2023 Cannabis NB Cup.

Inspired by legacy events that helped to shape cannabis culture, the Cannabis NB Cup celebrates the best in grow. The fact that the winners were chosen by customers makes this accolade even more special. Throughout the voting, we spoke with New Brunswick budtenders and heard that many customers were buying the sativa boxes just to try the Daily Grape!

As you can imagine, New Brunswick is near and dear to us, so this recognition was a big accomplishment for our cultivation team!

June 29: Stewart Farms launches in Manitoba

Answering the call from Manitoba, Stewart Farms expanded its reach by launching products in the province, allowing locals to get their hands on some much needed self-care. Retail stores quickly scooped up bath bombs and wellness products in hopes of helping customers experiencing anxiety, pain, skin conditions and sore muscles.

From the beginning, we never wanted geography to hold anyone back from finding relief, so entering new markets is always a huge accomplishment for our team.

If you can’t find a Stewart Farms product near you, stay patient! Our team is working with retail stores across the country to help educate them on the benefits our products are providing customers. We also have plans to onboard new medical platforms and enter more provinces in 2024.

August 23: Arctic Heat & Lavender Fields Product Launch

As the summer was winding to a close, the team at Stewart Farms was just heating up! At the end of August, two new products we’re released into the market.

Arctic Heat Muscle Cream contains 500mg CBD / 500mg THC and was designed to protect and rehydrate all skin types while boosting circulation and deeply penetrating into muscles. Arctic Heat creates a dual cooling and warming effect which provides long lasting relief to help you bounce back, and keep going, making this cream the perfect addition to your daily wellness ritual.

Lavender Fields Face + Body CBD Cream (500mg CBD) is an ultra moisturizing, plant-based cream that has been designed to protect, rehydrate and restore dry or irritated skin. Enriched with a rich and creamy blend of shea butter, tucuma butter, and coconut oil, it has a silky consistency that disappears into the skin for immediate rejuvenation.

With the addition of these two new products, Stewart Farms was able to create a very well rounded wellness product line that is of exceptional quality.

October 1: Stewart Farms wins Grow Up Awards

The Grow Up Industry Awards is one of the most anticipated events for the Canadian cannabis industry, where industry pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers gather to celebrate the year’s achievements. This year, Stewart Farms took home two MAJOR awards!

Standard Producer of the Year and Best Topical of the Year for our Blue Dream bath bomb.

The team took to social media to thank the amazing cannabis community for recognizing our commitment to producing the finest quality craft cannabis and wellness products. Our team deserves all the credit, this is a true reflection of all of their hard work!

November 21: 420,000 bath bomb produced

In late November we were over the moon with gratitude! Our team officially HANDCRAFTED their 420,000th bath bomb! It’s incredible to think this many people make Stewart Farms part of their wellness journey—we’re thrilled we got the invite to so many tubs across Canada.

420,000 mental health breaks
420,000 hours of recommended “me-time”
420,000 spa-like experiences that relieve sore muscles, discomfort and pain

As we celebrated this achievement, we were already looking ahead to tomorrow for the next milestone, 1 MILLION bath bombs!

2023-12-04: New Website Launch

On December 4th, Stewart Farms announced they had launched a new website, with an updated look for the brand.

Significant changes took place online, including an improved user experience, updated branding, a retail store hub, product reviews and a “where to buy” section.

With the launch of the new website, Stewart Farms hopes to better serve customers across Canada with an online experience that not only educates users but one that helps those customer get one step closer to finding relief.

2023-12-07: Genevieve wins Top Grower

What a way to wrap up the year! On December 7th, it was announced that our Head Grower and Director of Cultivation, Genevieve Newton, was named Canada’s Top Grower by Grow Opportunity.

This has been a year of great success, but it hasn’t come without its challenges. From overcoming audit seasons to navigating the complexities of international partnerships to winning the Standard Producer of the Year award, its been a real rollercoaster and we are so thankful to have Genevieve’s resilience and strategic thinking to help guide us through, she’s a rock star folks!

You can check out Grow Opportunity’s much anticipated 2023 Top Grower issue here.

 As we look back on 2023, Stewart Farms expresses gratitude to its dedicated team, loyal customers, and the entire Canadian cannabis community that has supported the company’s mission of promoting wellness through safe and quality cannabinoid-based products.

As a small, family run business, Stewart Farms encounters its fair share of road blocks and challenges. Knowing we play a small role in helping people find relief makes this journey worth while. 

We’ll be taking a strong leap forward into 2024, with plans to expand further, innovate, and contribute to the well-being of individuals nationwide.